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Abyss Floor 12 Speedrun/Competition - Amer/Euro

Genshin Impact Leaderboards

36-star abyss clear is required to join ranking. Before you submit your record, please 1) Go to Privacy Setting: https://www.hoyolab.com/setting/privacy and turn on "Show my Battle Chronicle on my profile". 2) Make sure your battle record is already up-to-date in Hoyolab. Data refresh every --. Last update: - hour --- mins ago

🕹️Special Event(11/16-12/01): during this period, players are ranked by the total score of characters - the lower the better. You must clear the whole floor 12 with the same team comp. Score table:


ℹ️ Report suspicious record: https://github.com/appsample-com/spiral-abyss/issues/27
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